The Music Model Pt 1

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The winds of change are coming. The music industry is changing and I’m not the only small fish to see this happening. Jon B, Brian McKnight, Eric Roberson, Walter Beasley, Macklemore, Tip are just a few of the recording artist who have either been signed to a major and left to go independent, or just came out the gate independent and achieved a high level of success. 

Let’s be real, why be independent? What in the world could we get done without the power of the machine behind us? Pop artist, mainstream (pseudo-hip hop) artist, and Country have blown up? I’m sure at one time or another you mentioned “ That sounds just like a song from (add name here)”; It possible is, but even more interesting and its no secret , we just don’t buy music like we used to, what happens; The industry goes to those that do THE YOUTH! Generation Tech!

Remember those artists mentioned in the beginning, how many of them are being listened to by young folks… I’ll wait.  The industy has at least 6 artist producing the same sound and it doesn’t matter what the genre. I remember When Usher went big… now there are 6 Ushers…Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Mario, Justin Timberlake (Yes him too, and that’s all crossover), Ray J, and Ginuwine.

They all got it from the blueprint Michael Jackson. So the BIGS cater to the youth and you hear songs like “Call me Maybe” and the reckless artist that curses, belittles women, encourages self-hate, and other things. I am in NO WAY SAYING…there is not a place in music for those artists, and that music shouldn’t progress, but when you say oh well my time has passed and it’s their music. Then maybe you shouldn’t have the conversation of how bad things have gotten in music, kids behavior, bad nature of a generation; again its always gonna happen, but haven’t you controlled something just by changing the way someone looks at the idea.