IndiSoulRey Album Review


Well family it’s officially Spring and I’m back with my latest music review. This review is by a group from Toledo, Ohio named “IndieSoulRey”. When my man N’Gai introduced me to their music. I was very impressed with this body of work. This is a 15 track album that’s a really great listen. Out of 5 stars I give this album 3 ½ stars.  Now let’s dig into some songs on this album.


The first song on the album is called “Soul Music”. This is a great opening track and placed really well on the album. This song is a feel good record and one you can easily fall in love with.  Track 2 is what I call their radio banger. The song is called “I Know”. The lyrics are on point and the hook is one you can  sing along too. I hear radio with this joint all day. Hopefully they release this as a single. Moving along to my favorite track on the album called “I AM”. This song is a really dope record. I’m big on subject matter. And this song has a gang of it. I love how they celebrate the original woman aka the “BLACK WOMAN” on this track. Part of the hook goes like this. “I am the reason they get surgery to look like me.” Really great record if I must say so myself.


Track #5 is by far the funkiest joint on the album. This song is called “Y.O.U.”. It has that 70’s feel and makes you nod your head right off the top. Really strong track here as well. The next song on the album is called “I’m Gone”. It’s not one of my favorite songs.  The production doesn’t really fit the rest of the album in my opinion. “Loveship Enterprise” is another great song on this body of work.  The production is very strong and the subject matter is so on point. This is the joint the ladies will love to life for real. Track #10 “Destiny” is also a radio friendly song. And one that should be considered for a single as well. Sistas and Brothas alike will both love this song. It’s a classic what we call “Rap Love Song”. Another sing along record for sure.


I will take a look at a few more joints before I close this review out. “Perfect” is a perfect what I call back and forth song between the Brotha and Sista. It reminds me of the Common & MC Lyte song “A Film Called (PIMP)” from his legendary “Like Water For Chocolate” album. The Brotha on this track is stepping to the Sista very respectfully. And by the end of the song she has fallen for him.  Track #14 is paying homage to their hometown Toledo. This record is called “Ease On”. They give you a grand tour of the city. And I feel like I know my way around the city now after listening to it a few times. The final song I will look at is called “Doin Our Own Thang”. The production is crazy and the lyrics and subject matter are even crazier. All hip hop heads will really dig this joint foreal.


I hope you all enjoyed this music review. Please go out and check out this great group and their great album. Again they are called “IndieSoulRey”. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. I’m happy to now be officially a part of the SMASHMOUTH FM family. So be on the lookout for my next music review coming real soon. PEACE & BLESSINGS Dealow Morgan aka “BROTHA INSIGHT”……..