Huntor Prey Releases Second Single for ‘Motion Sound Picture EP’


August 1, 2010. The Black Cherry. Toledo, Ohio. My crew, Independent Media, did a show. The four us, on a small stage with two mics. There weren’t a whole lot of people there, but this cat that went by the name of Huntor Prey showed up.  As we were winding down our set, we invited Huntor to the stage to expose the audience of his lyrical prowess.  By the time he passed me the mic, everyone was looking at each other like, “uhh…so you gonna follow that up?”

I always said that I personally know two or three emcees that seriously have what it takes to make it in the rap business as mainstream rappers; Huntor Prey is certainly one of them.  Making a triumphant transition from spoken word poet, to full fledged rapper/emcee, Huntor Prey is here to deliver a sight to behold…with our ears.  His words are crisp, lines clear, imagery precise, and he is as driven as anyone else doing it.

“Don’t ya’ll know where the FUCK ya’ll at?, this is Fly Over Country. Heart of it all- wasteland flats, and ya’ll be blind to that fact, but yet you feel the streets is watching you- what type of oxymoron shit is that?”… The song and video, “This Way” (Which can be seen and heard here ) Provides the Mid West with an anthem that articulates our struggle and solidifies our importance all at once.  The production sounds celebratory as do the lyrics, but with a reminder that there is a long ways to go before we actually win anything.  This proves to be a solid first single and introduction to the movie that will be heard as The Motion Sound Picture EP.

The Second Single “Eventually” ( ) …first of all, got damn @ that beat! The cat Ill Poetic laced this shit. The M.O.P gun shots during the hook is just silly. “I wrote this track some years ago in response to the neighborhood violence and despair that would happen fairly often in the two cities I lived in, Toledo and Cincinnati OH. Being in an environment like that as children, and to be young adults and situation has not progressed, you hope that some how some way, as a community, we will get passed that pain. Eventually,” says Huntor via Soundcloud.  He does exactly that, as this track serves as a reality check about what is, and an optimistic description of what will be. “You make a last right and then you’re right into your last day, stomp the ground ’til the sound vibrates a pathway, and it’s all gonna be cool on your best day, and we gonna run this shit right, eventually”…thats big shit.

The Motion Sound Picture EP will be released on June 25th via Definition Music LLC/Empire Distribution, with a release party on Saturday, June 22 at The Truth Art Gallery in Toledo, Ohio.

This is a movement that I am proud to say that I have taken any part in.  Very rarely do we get to celebrate an emcee of this caliber who also has the heart and sensibilities to fight the good fight and make it work artistically.  I am a fan, and if you aren’t too…you are probably a wack nigga.

-Sonny Rockwell aka Thelonious Funk