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SmashmouthFM is the home NOT of the Top 40, but of REAL MUSIC. Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Latin, Jazz, House, Blues, Classical, World, Pop, and so much more. SmashmouthFM is leading the way in interviewing independent artists such as: Eric Roberson, Jon B, Maysa, Mix Master Ice, Brand Nubian, Jay Denes (Naked Music), Anthony David, Soulpersona, Bill Ortiz, Falease Sophae, Kev Brown, Divine ScienZe, and that was only 2013. We don’t play the same song every 40 minutes; we leave that to the other radio station. WE BREAK NEW MUSIC, but stay true to what the history of what GOOD MUSIC really is. Join the mailing list to be a part of the REAL MUSIC MOVEMENTSmashmouthFM


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Take a journey to the days of True Soul. DJ Daddy Raw blends the old and new classics of Soul Music live on the 1’s x 2’s,  each and every Blue Monday!! End your 9 to 5 the right way, every Monday night 9PM – 11PM (EST)

Dj Daddy Raw takes time to ease you into the party for Saturday Nights session of All Souled Out. Your first 2 hours are filled with the essentials of Neo-Soul, RnB, Cool Grooves to help you get dressed to, and starting hour 3, the second session of uncut TRUE hip hop. Weather it old school, new school it’s always TRUE school. Class is now in session on All Souled Out with Dj Daddy Raw Saturdays 9 p.m – 1 am (EST)

“Affecting lives is where the wealth and the merit is / I realize what I portray day to day, I gotta carry this / And Beats, Rhymes and Life is where the marriage is” The best in REAL Hip Hop, from those that laid the foundation, and from the one’s who build on it. DJ T Soul keeps class in session. Lock in and listen up, Beats, Rhymes & Life – Tues 9PM – 11PM (EST)

Guy, Angela Winbush, The Time, Bobby Brown, Alexander O’neal, Digital Underground! It’s music that takes you back to High School & MAKE’S YOU FEEL GOOD! Dj Ric e Smith brings all of your favorite Old School Rap and R&B, a different spotlight artist each week, plus, “The 9 O’Clock Power Hour”!!! What are you waiting for …. Tune in Wednesday 7PM – 11PM (EST) for The Old School & New Jack Show

As part of a large foundation of DJ’s in Atlanta, Dj Infinite extends his reach in Arkansas and Texas and beyond the airwaves. From classic to current, eclectic is what you will experience on this journey. Soul Confessions – Thursday 7PM – 9PM (EST)

Expose your soul to The Session Uncut Your host DJ Dre Wills spins Nu Soul and REAL Hip Hop. Every Thursday 9PM – 11PM (EST) on Smashmouthfm.com

Doc Strange & DJ 2 Fast, opens your mind and takes you into an odyssey of music, Soul, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop and more, Just the way you like it. Experience The Strange Nation – Friday 11PM – 2AM (EST) – Hosted by Doc Strange & DJ 2 Fast

DJ Ghost commands respect as the 1st Lady of SmashmouthFM, holding her own in a saturated field of male dj’s, This Shejay brings you REAL Hip Hop and R&B from the Ladies’ point of view. The Ladies Room – Saturday 7PM – 9PM (EST)

From featured artist in Soul music to production and songwriting, you hear just where it all started, in their entirety. DJ T Soul educates you in what is hip! Walk, Don’t Run down memory lane.
Lost Vintage Soul – Sunday 6PM – 8PM (EST)

“DjLuv Dlux delivers against the expectation his name sets. You are smoothly transported across realms to experience musical delights created for those with global tastes. You can feel the love, the passion, the connection to his craft…and his desire to “take you there” if just for a moment….” The Luv Dlux Lounge – Soulful House, Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Remixes, Rare Grooves, Latin and more – Sunday 8pm – 12am (EST)

Knowing what it means to strive for greatness,The HARDEST WORKING Dj, Worldwide DJ TakTixX Pushes past good enough. True School Hip-hop, Soul, RnB, and the hottest underground release’s JumpOut Radio Mon-Thur 5pm(EST) – can also be seen on www.streamup.com/nextcutent

(SOLD OUT) 2015 ATL Soul Life Music Fest

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