Luv Dlux Smashmouth FM

Sometime’s; you really just have to let your emotions take over. Music IS the great unifier. I try to present musical solutions to the emotional soul, the embattled visionary, the lost. The journey starts at the first note.

House 90%
R&B / Hip hop / Soul 80%
Jazz 82%
Pop / World / Blues / Other 48%

The host of The GetUp & Shine Morning Experience, Sunday Morning Rise & The Luv Dlux Lounge is about as versatile a Dj, label partner & growing producer as most would assume, but wouldn’t think; although getting his foundation in music at birth, its been shaped by ALL the women in his family. “I’m really not a purest, but there is a certain respect music has to have, I don’t think a lot of artist give it.” “What have you given back?” I hope to do my best at presenting the vision of the artist”