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IndiSoulRey Album Review


Well family it’s officially Spring and I’m back with my latest music review. This review is by a group from Toledo, Ohio named “IndieSoulRey”. When my man N’Gai introduced me to their music. I was very impressed with this body of work. This is a 15 track album that’s a really great listen. Out of 5 stars I give this album 3 ½ stars.  Now let’s dig into some songs on this album.


The first song on the album is called “Soul Music”. This is a great opening track and placed really well on the album. This song is a feel good record and one you can easily fall in love with.  Track 2 is what I call their radio banger. The song is called “I Know”. The lyrics are on point and the hook is one you can  sing along too. I hear radio with this joint all day. Hopefully they release this as a single. Moving along to my favorite track on the album called “I AM”. This song is a really dope record. I’m big on subject matter. And this song has a gang of it. I love how they celebrate the original woman aka the “BLACK WOMAN” on this track. Part of the hook goes like this. “I am the reason they get surgery to look like me.” Really great record if I must say so myself.


Track #5 is by far the funkiest joint on the album. This song is called “Y.O.U.”. It has that 70’s feel and makes you nod your head right off the top. Really strong track here as well. The next song on the album is called “I’m Gone”. It’s not one of my favorite songs.  The production doesn’t really fit the rest of the album in my opinion. “Loveship Enterprise” is another great song on this body of work.  The production is very strong and the subject matter is so on point. This is the joint the ladies will love to life for real. Track #10 “Destiny” is also a radio friendly song. And one that should be considered for a single as well. Sistas and Brothas alike will both love this song. It’s a classic what we call “Rap Love Song”. Another sing along record for sure.


I will take a look at a few more joints before I close this review out. “Perfect” is a perfect what I call back and forth song between the Brotha and Sista. It reminds me of the Common & MC Lyte song “A Film Called (PIMP)” from his legendary “Like Water For Chocolate” album. The Brotha on this track is stepping to the Sista very respectfully. And by the end of the song she has fallen for him.  Track #14 is paying homage to their hometown Toledo. This record is called “Ease On”. They give you a grand tour of the city. And I feel like I know my way around the city now after listening to it a few times. The final song I will look at is called “Doin Our Own Thang”. The production is crazy and the lyrics and subject matter are even crazier. All hip hop heads will really dig this joint foreal.


I hope you all enjoyed this music review. Please go out and check out this great group and their great album. Again they are called “IndieSoulRey”. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. I’m happy to now be officially a part of the SMASHMOUTH FM family. So be on the lookout for my next music review coming real soon. PEACE & BLESSINGS Dealow Morgan aka “BROTHA INSIGHT”……..

Album Review: Bilal – “A Love Surreal”


He’s back family, that’s right Bilal Oliver has a new record he has blessed us with. This new body of work is called “A Love Surreal” and it is nothing short of amazing. Out of 5 stars I rate this album a perfect 5. I listened to this album at least 10 times to make sure I wasn’t tripping. This album Bilal goes in a different direction from his 2010 album “Airtight’s Revenge”. His “1st Born 2nd” and “Love For Sale” fans will truly dig this record. So let’s jump into some tracks off this great album.

The first song on this 12 track album is called “West Side Girl”. This song has a Prince vibe to it and is a great opening track. On this song Bilal let’s the young lady know she is truly his type of girl. Nice mid tempo joint that is produced very well. The 2nd joint on the album is the albums lead single called “Back To Love”. Really great record here as well. He is speaking to the sista asking her what do they need to do to get there relationship back on track. This like many of Bilal’s songs showcases his writing skills. And it’s good to see his pen game is still on point. “Winning Hand” is the next joint I will look at. On this song he is expressing to the Queen that she is like a winning hand of cards. His boys tell him to fold and he says no way she is truly a game changer. Great song and I love the percussion on this joint.

If you love what I call riding music. Then you will love the joint “CLIMBING” which is the type of song that has that Isaac Hayes feel. The next song called “Right At The Core” is my 2nd favorite song on the album. It’s a very well written song and fits the album perfect. The song starts off with a great opening line “Right at the core, you got me right at the core it’s the art of love and war.” Whoever this woman is she has the songwriters heart at it’s core for sure. The production is real slick as well. There are several tempo changes that make it a standout for sure. Track 9 is what I call Bilal’s first country song. It’s called “Lost For Now” and has a country vibe but he pulls it off for sure. Just any artist wouldn’t be able to pull this off. The great Aaron Neville would be proud of this record.

I will get into a few more songs before I close out this review. I’m now lead to take a look at track #10 called “Astray”. Bilal speaks to his lover and let’s her know he doesn’t want her to go astray and wants her to stay in his life. This last song is what I call musical heaven. This matches Bilal with his college classmate and great friend Mr. Robert Glasper. It’s called “Butterfly” and it’s by far my favorite song on the album. This is a very stripped down song you just get his great vocals and Glaspers great chords on the piano. “Butterfly the struggle makes you beautiful, the struggle makes you fly. Spread your wings and be new again”. When I read and listen to those powerful lyrics. I think of my people and our ancestors. We have all the tools it takes to be great but we have yet to recognize it. And that is the message I take from this song. Just pure genius in my opinion.

I think this album will cement Bilal’s legacy as one of the great voices and writers of his generation. So please go out and support this album when it drops this coming Tuesday 2/26/13. I truly enjoyed reviewing this classic body of work. And I hoped you all enjoyed the review. Look forward to the next review coming soon. PEACE & BLESSINGS Dealow Morgan aka “Brotha Insight”……..

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Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, m.A.A.d City…The Review


It’s been a long, long time since I have been able to say some of the things that I am going to say about this album. I take great pleasure in writing this review. I guess I should start with an intro…

Before listening to this album, I thought Kendrick Lamar was a good rapper with slightly above average lyricism and very good musical and song writing sensibilities. Section 80 was pretty dope, but it got boring after a while, and I found myself only listening to a few songs and changing the record. However, Kendrick Lamar still showed enough flashes of brilliance for me to anxiously anticipate the release of GKMC. I would not be disappointed. 

GKMC is the story of a day in the life of a 17 year old Kendrick Lamar (K. Dot) and how a young man in Compton can be put in a position where he has to repeatedly cheat death in spite of having a good head on his shoulders and two parents that care about his well being.  The narrative of the story is told in the lyrics of the songs as well as the skits at the end of the songs. Im not going to spend my entire week explaining these skits to you…just go listen to the damn album. Im a talk, no, preach music to you though. Allow me to dive into it…

1. Sherane aka Master Splinter’s daughter – The opening song begins the story with the story of a girl he was going to see. He name is Sherane. Apparently she is rat. They chat. He tries to get on. He get to her crib. Her people run up on him. Dope ass song though. Has a very Andre3000/outkast feel to it.  4/5

2. Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe – Man I wish this shit came out in like 2000…this would have been my theme song all through high school.  This shit bangs like ’92 John Witherspoon. 4.5/5

3. Backseat Freestyle – This one ain’t that dope, but in the context of the story being told…its that dope.  3.5/5

4. The Art of Peer Pressue – This joint is simply fantastic. The concept, how it plays into the story line, his execution…Another one that’ll remind you a lot of ‘Kast… but shid im with the homies… love it.. 4.5/5

5. Money Trees Feat. Jay Rock – This one is decent. Not mind blowing, but again…when you tie it into the story line it plays a lot better. I see a lot of nigs online calling what I just said plea copping for bad songs trying to make them seem better than what they are…nah nigga, that’s called context listening. It’s also called not hating.  3.5/5

6. Poetic Justice Feat. Drake – Poetic Justice? Janet sample? Janet played in… ah..I see what they did there. Pretty dope joint. Chicks will love this. Drake does his typical 1,2.  3.5/5

7. Good Kid – Pharrell still giving cats gems. This is the beginning of the apex of the story and this is where the strongest part of the album begins aesthetically. This joint in particular…knocks. hard. The hook is very hypnotic and the entire song does a great joint painting the portrait of a young kid who is good at heart but is also negatively influenced by the surrounding factors. Amazing song. 4.5/5

8. m.A.A.d. City Feat. MC Eiht – My lord…This song is perfect. From the hook, to the menacing beat, to the beat flip with the Cube sample, to the choice to have MC Eiht on here…I can’t say enough about this song. Where ya Grandma stay huh my nigga? haha..yikes. 5/5

9. Swimming Pools (Drank) – This was one of those joints that I was kinda cool on, until I heard it in the context of the story…and I heard the extension thats on the album. This nigga really is good. 3.5/5

10. Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst – After this song is when I realized that I was listening to a legit classic album. At this point, as long as the album didn’t tail off terribly…this young man has a classic on his hands…and it doesn’t.  5/5

11. Real Feat. Anna Wise – This joint sounds very Foreign Exchange-ish…hypnotic. Amazing. Anna Wise is perfect for the hook. The voice message from his parents mid song takes it to another level.  4.5/5

12. Compton Feat. Dr. Dre – Now as not fond as I have grown of Dr. Dre and his clearly ghostwritten verses…he aint even producing the record. This nigga living off name and headphones. But this is like the triumphant ending. No better way to end with a trademark Just Blaze joint. 4/5

13. The Recipe Feat Dr. Dre – I ain’t going to front, this joint kinda annoying. 3.5/5

14. Black Boy Fly – I used to be jealous of Aaron Afflalo…I used to be jealous of Aaron Afflao…this shit is amazing. This song should have been mixed within the album, imo… 4.5/5

15. Now or Never Feat. Mary J Blige – I gotta admit… I hate Mary J Blige since 2001. It pains me that The same woman who made What’s The 411 and My Life, is currently making the wacktastic Keyshia Cole remixes that she does. The hook on here is trash, but Kendrick tries hard to save it but rapping his ass off. 3/5

Conclusion: I’m going to give it time before I attempt to rank this album in my list of all time greats, but i’ve already decided that this album ranks amongst the greatest rap albums that i’ve ever heard. This is not coming from a just heard illmatic in 2008, fake ass hipster internet clown. This album is that good. Listen to it. Front to back. This may be the best rap album since Ghostface Killah’s Supreme Clientele. Kendrick Lamar…a new king is crowned. IN THE CIIIIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFEEEEE


Next up: Skyzoo – A Dream Deferred and Sean Price – Mic Tyson…P! 


Im back…Life is Good (Finally) The Review


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most official album review for this album…any review I do will be the most official review for that album. Anyway, here we do not judge names, bank statements, or tmz appearances. We judge music. Dig that.

Songs are judged on a 0-5 basis (0 being cheeks, 5 being classic), and the judgement is based on the following: lyrics, production, and the cohesiveness of the two. Whether or not the song is good for what it was intended to do, and its according entertainment value.  Now, I am going to be very specific with what these numeric values mean in terms of what I am giving them. Here is the scale:

0-1.5 – Amongst the most terrible songs i’ve ever heard

2 – Bad song

2.5 – average song- not good/not awful

3 – pretty good, not mind blowing but good

3.5 – I could ride out to this

4 – Has great replay value

4.5 – Song/Album of the year candidate

5 – Classic hip-hop record


Albums in totality are judged by the same, but including flow of the album and consistency of attributes throughout the album. With that being said…


Nas is the greatest emcee/rapper/whatever distinction you want to make… of all time.

Fuck your corny debate, Nas the best.  The only other cases i’m entertaining are 1996-2003 Jay-Z (once you add Kingdom Come, American Gangster, Blueprint 3 into the mix it gets a little fuzzy) and Rakim. Everything else…save it for complex, or spin, or pitchfork, or whatever other media outlet that corny people follow. By the way, I felt like this before I heard Life is Good. Now… Niggas can’t tell me NOTHING (c) Ye

1. No Introduction – “P.S. 111 at free lunch embarrassed but managed to get a plate…” That type of thematic tone and internal imagery is what makes this album what it is, and also what makes Nas the goat. I like the level of epic on this track- it fits the content as Nas basically documents his winning on this track, which is perfect for the opening of an album called ‘Life is Good’ …”The craziest things already happened to me, so either you’ll be laughing at me or you’re laughing with me…” c’mon.   4/5

2. Locomotive – “It’s ghetto beef, sinister niggas snicker through yellow teeth, alcohol aging my niggas faster than felonies, how dare I? Must be, something in the air that corrupts me, look at my upkeep, owned and sublease, I’m here y’all…” It speaks for itself. 4/5

3. A Queens Story – For anyone who is up on their hip-hop knowledge, this track should have had you seeing the light (if you ain’t already know) about why Pac seemingly hated Nas so much. This song was getting trapped in that slightly above average category, until the switch up in the beat to the piano in the last verse which is a transition into the next song. Then of course there’s this: “Now I’m the only black in the club with rich yuppie kids, sad thing this is the top but where the hustlers went?, No familiar faces around ain’t gotta grab the musket, It’s all safe and sound champagne by the bucket, where them niggas I shouted out on my first shit?, Bo cooking blow fucking slay that where Turkey went?, Old videos show niggas that was murdered since, Another reason to get further bent…” C’mon. 4/5

4. Accident Murderers feat. Dade County Deputy Sheriff William Roberts – I love the concept. The beat it dope. This joint is just missing something. Rick Ross spits his typical off topic ramble that apparently makes him a top dog in the rap world today. I like the song but its a drop off from the first 3.   3.5/5

5. Daughters – Most rappers don’t have the balls to vulnerable. I wouldn’t call this joint groundbreaking nor would I call it typical. It just is what it is. Shit for niggas with daughters. 3.5/5

6. Reach Out feat. Mary J. Blige, allegedly the queen of hip-hop/soul – I love that they flip one of my favorite produced r&b joints ever.  Nas spits on here as usual, but something about this joint seems somewhat generic. Maybe it’s Mary. Probably it’s Mary. She just hasn’t been the same since Tyler Perry started taking her songs and making movies out of them. Ah well… 3/5

7. World’s an Addiction feat. Anthony Hamilton, king of black bohemia – Another kind of weird and generic track that Nas lyrically lights up. Nas lyrically lights up this entire album. Most of the time the rest of the joint meets him, sometimes it doesn’t. This is one of the sometimes, but its still a pretty good track. 3/5

8. Summer on Smash feat Miguel – Swizz Beats…so you already know what it is. 2/5

9. You Wouldn’t Understand feat. Victoria Monet – Now we are getting back to Nas being Nas. This joint has that unorthodox God’s Son/Street’s Disciple era Nas feel to it, and he works it well. “Fuck it i’m a die one day, they probably will make that day a holiday, until then let’s go on a shopping spree…” I love that right there. 3.5/5

10. Back When – To call them fake today is hate, real niggas extinct, Pac left me inside a rap world with niggas that wink, at other rappers undercover niggas spit every way, won’t be surprised if all their rides have federal plates, Let alone their wardrobes and Studio 4 flow, It was real when I appeared it would’ve been some jaws broke, Nas, my real name stage name  same thing, How could you let these lames claim king? I’m so ashamed, man…and this beat…c’mon. 4.5/5

11. The Don – This joint was already good, but when they did that beat change at the beginning of the third verse, I lost control of the muscles in my face. Holy shit. 4/5

12. Stay – I’ve never done this before, both of the two ‘this’ that i’m about to do…here it goes. 1. I’m not even going to talk about this song, and 2.  5/5.   I want this shit played at my funeral.

13. Cherry Wine feat. Amy Winehouse aka the only white woman or drug addict or ugly woman I would have ever considered wifing – I got hype when I saw that he had a joint with Amy on here because 1. I knew it wasn’t just going to be Nas rapping with some old ass vocals from Amy that don’t even fit the song because she’s dead and they didn’t go there anyway. 2. I love Amy like my first son. This is some smooth ass having fun on the town with your better half music. Dig. 3.5/5

14. Bye Baby – The sample of ‘Goodbye Love’ by Guy is ill. The song is ill. He letting it out. He rapping good over a good beat. What more could you ask for? Well, it could be ‘Stay’ .  4/5

15. Nasty – This song is about two years old now it seems, so it has lost some of its initial luster. Nonetheless, the title says it all. 3.5/5

16. The Black Bond – Yo…OMG @ this shit. This beat, these rhymes. Every time I play this joint, I have to play it twice. The imagery of him with the chick in the first verse is amazing. This song in its entirety is amazing. 4.5/5

17. Roses feat. Nikki Flores – The hook on this song is very eerie yet intoxicating. I think he is getting out some more of that Kelis, and he does it well. 4/5

18. Where’s the Love feat Cocaine 80s – I was going to put a quote on here…but as I thought about what exactly to quote, I ended up typing the entire second verse. That’s how crazy that shit is. The music is dead on with the concept and content as well. This is how you make a cohesive record. 4/5


Conclusion: Is there is any rapper in the history of hip-hop who has ever 1. Been this good lyrically this late in their career (Nas is about to be 40, and his first album dropped 18 years ago) and 2. Made an album this good this late in their career? If you can think of one,  please leave a comment and let me know who. Longevity like this is the stuff that GOATs are made of. While other cats who came up in his era are dead, fighting their twilight, or living off legacy, Nas is still dropping original and quality product. If we were to replace that ‘Reach Out, World’s an Addiction, Summer on Smash’ sequence with a couple of heat rocks…this album would easily get the 5/5…but we can’t so there’s that. I thought Nas was the greatest rapper of all time before this album dropped. Unless, Jay-Z is going to get back into Reasonable Doubt mode for a few more albums, or Ghostface has a few more Supreme Clienteles in him… the gap between Nas and everybody else just grows larger and larger…


-Sonny Rockwell



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