Album Review: Jarvhitz – IDEAL

I’m back family with my latest music review. This time I’m taking a trip to Southwest Ohio. I’m going to dig into the album called “IDEAL” by Cincinnati’s own Jarvhitz. This is a 14 track album with two bonus joints. Out of 5 stars I give this album 4 stars. And during this review I will explain why. Jarvhitz in my opinion is the dopest MC coming out of the Queen City right now.
So let’s look at a few songs from this really solid body of work. The opening track is a song that was leaked a few months ago. It’s called “Walk This Way”. This joint is the perfect opening track. It’s a very dark beat with great bars laced over it. Jarvhitz raps with a chip on his shoulder on this song. And you can feel the hunger in his voice on this joint. One of the best songs on the album by far. The next track I want to get into is called “Brand Name” which is track 4. This song takes you on a ride through the streets of the Nasty Nati. After listening to this song you have been schooled in all things Cincinnati. Track 6 is another standout joint on this album called “RAW” and raw it is. The production on this joint is crazy. Jarvhitz bodies both verses on this joint. This could easily be a radio joint. Let’s hope someone at WIZF in the Nati gets this joint some airplay.
I will take a look at a few more songs before I close out this review. Number 11 on the album is called “Is This Really What You Want”. This song is the one that made me say this guy is that deal. He shows his story telling skills on this one. Verse two he draws a vivid picture of a young sista who finds herself pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. And by the end of the verse she finds herself alone having a baby on her kitchen floor. A very powerful and relevant song. “WTF” is track 14 and a very mellow joint and Jarvhitz rides the beat like none other. This is the type of joint you roll to with your windows down on a nice summer day. This song is the definition of “Feel Good Music”. The last song I will look at is the very last song on the album “Watch Out”. This one is for the wannabe street cats. If you don’t know the streets then don’t be out there playing like you do. He does a masterful job at painting a great picture. And driving his message home to the fake street cat.
I know you as the reader my say. Why in the world did the album only get 4 stars? When you had nothing but great things to say about Jarvhtiz and his album. Well one of the only negative things I have to say about the album is it’s features. Why they aren’t horrible. In my eyes they don’t match the intensity and lyrical ability of Jarvhitz. This to me took away from the whole body of work. If the features had been just as strong then the overall rating would have been easily higher. But none the less this is a really dope album. So please go out and support the dopest MC from the NATI the homie “JARVHITZ”. Also be on the lookout for the interview with Jarvhitz. As myself and DJ Daddy Raw welcome him to our review show called “The Listening” on http://www.smashmouthfm/. I hope you enjoyed this review.  PEACE & BLESSINGS Dealow Morgan aka “Brotha Insight”……